Men’s Soccer Takes on Center Grove Trojans


Rylie Day

The Columbus North men’s soccer team is scheduled to play Center Grove on Saturday, Sept. 19. When asked what his expectations for the game are, junior Nick Beales said, “It’s gonna be a tough game but if Jake Osborne plays like he does we’ll be alright!”

CNHSMS has been working hard to prepare for this game in particular and future ones.

“Our coach has been working us hard with fitness and getting our touches down so we are trying to focus hard on it and perform on our highest levels and hopefully win”, Beales said.

Sophomore Jannis Anderson has the same expectations for the upcoming game.

“We know that Center Grove will be a tough battle, but if we play up to our standard, I am confident that we can beat them. We’ve fared decently against top teams like Avon so I think we will do well. I personally am adjusting to a new role in our team because I have been receiving a lot more varsity time lately. I work hard every game and I think everyone else does too. If we all work hard together, Center Grove will have a really hard time.”

The game is away at Center Grove at 11:00 a.m.