Now Watch Me Study


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Headphones in, volume up.  As students study for their quizzes and test, they go to their favorite playlist and turn up the music.  Out of the 100 students surveyed, 80 say they prefer to listen to music while they study.

“It helps me memorize certain things that I have trouble comprehending,” sophomore Alisha Melton said. “I make lyrics to help me remember concepts.”

The most popular genres of music students listen to include pop, classical, and rock. Yet, others prefer music such as rap and southern gospel. Listening to music while doing school work helps some concentrate, while it helps others make time go by faster.

“[Music] helps pass the time while making studying less draining,” sophomore Luke Chaney said.

Music can turn the most boring things upside down and make it more bearable. Some students find it easier to finish their work when listening to music.

“It makes it more fun and enjoyable,” junior Sophie Rineck said.