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Because school officials do not engage in prior review, the student staff members assume complete legal and financial liability for the content of their medium. CNHS Media is protected by and bound to the principles of the First Amendment as well as other protections and limitations granted by the Constitution and the various laws and court decisions implementing those principles. Staffs aim to report all coverage ethically as determined by Society of Professional Journalists and the National Scholastic Press Association’s Code of Ethics. The adviser will not act as a censor or determine content, but instead offer advice and instruction, following the Code of Ethics for Advisers established by the Journalism Education Association. Student staff members seeking legal advice regarding proposed content should seek attorneys knowledgeable in media law such as those of the Student Press Law Center. Final content decisions shall remain the responsibility of the staffs. CNHS Media will not avoid publishing a newsworthy story solely because of possible dissent or controversy. Nor will the staffs publish a story solely to sensationalize and cause dissent or controversy. CNHS Media will not publish/broadcast any material that is libelous, obscene, materially disruptive of the school process, an unwarranted invasion of privacy, a violation of copyright or a promotion of products or services unlawful as to minors as defined by state or federal law. We do not publish gratuitous profanity (profanity for the sake of profanity). Photos will not be electronically altered. Photo illustrations are acceptable in the event that they better communicate or illustrate the story’s concept or message and will be labeled as such. As a member of IHSPA, North Publications holds fast to their four core values: truth, courage, integrity and freedom.

‘The Triangle’ Newsmagazine
The Triangle is the designated forum for student expression at Columbus North High School. The student staff chooses all content. Signed columns published in The Triangle express the writer’s personal opinion and not the views of The Triangle, student body, BCSC, administration, board of trustees or faculty of Columbus North. The Triangle practices ethical journalism by providing balanced and fair coverage as determined by community standards. The Triangle strives to achieve 100 percent accuracy by checking sources, spelling and quotes and attaining multiple sources.
The Triangle encourages letters to the editor, but reserves the right to reject them for reasons including but not limited to lack of space, multiple letters of the same topic and personal attacks contained in the letter. The Triangle will not edit for content, but reserves the right to ask contributors to edit for grammar and length. Letters should be submitted to room 177 or sent via e-mail to cnhs_triangle@bcsc.k12.in.us. All letters must be signed by all persons involved in writing the letter, which the staff will check for validation. A letter sent via e-mail must be validated with a signature from the writer before The Triangle will publish it. If responding to a publication, letters must be turned in within one week of that publication’s distribution.
In the event of a student death, The Triangle will run a standard obituary.
Pertaining to work submitted via social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), The Triangle will only accept written submissions from the original poster and owner and will only publish entries with the permission of the original poster and owner. The Triangle will not edit submissions for content and reserves the right to not publish them for reasons including but not limited to lack of space, multiple submissions of the same topic, and vulgar or incendiary content. The Triangle will not publish photographs from Facebook. Posts on The Triangle’s social media pages by readers are owned by the readers and do not necessarily express the views or opinions of the staff. The Triangle is not responsible for their content and reserves the right to delete and report any inappropriate or unnecessary posts. By posting on The Triangle’s social media pages, the poster grants The Triangle permission to publish the contents of that post.
In cases when a source’s information may bring ridicule or incrimination upon himself or herself, the editorial board reserves the right to cite the source as anonymous. The Triangle will never use composite sources and pass them off as anonymous sources.

‘LOG’ yearbook
LOG strives to create a product that thoroughly covers the events that occur each year. The student staff attempts to provide an account of all students attending Columbus North, as well as academics, organizations and athletic information and other student-interest pieces in the book. All content is determined by the staff.
If a student attending North dies during the course of the school year, the date of death will be noted in the most appropriate section adhering to deadlines. If the student dies between the first day of school and the deadline for his/her album page, an asterisk will be placed by the student’s name along with the following at the bottom of the page: “John Doe passed away (date).” If the student passes away before school pictures are taken, the school picture from the year before or a similar family picture will be used with family permission. If the student passes away between the page deadline and the last day of school, the asterisk and note will be placed by the student’s name in the index. An additional note stating the album page the student is on will be included with the date of death.

Public Relations Information Bureau (PRIB)
This staff covers an area of public relations, producing www.cnhsmedia.com. All content is determined by students. Created in 2001, this staff serves as the umbrella for the entire media department and works with Bull Dog News Network, The Triangle and Log in the latest in emerging media opportunities for both staff members and their student audiences. The purpose of all three of this staff’s publications is to highlight the best about Columbus North.

Bull Dog News Network (BNN)
BNN Crew members produce the daily announcements show airing fourth period, a monthly magazine show airing during Bull Dog Time, school promotional videos and various other projects. All content is determined by the student staff.

‘The Other Side’ Literary Arts Magazine
This staff meets second semester to solicit and select submissions of poetry, short stories, personal essays, photography and artwork to produce a literary arts magazine. Staff members may submit their own works for publication.


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