FanFiction- Reading a Different Version

Barely a day goes by without at least one book being published, but the question is how many students actually read when not assigned a book in class? Barely any whereas I read at least two books a day on a fanfiction site.

FanFiction is where a person takes a book, movie, tv show, video game, everyday life or events and changes the story. They write it themselves as how they would have liked it to have been written or presented. Many writers will change an event that happens early in the story line and affects the entire story. Other writer will change a detail or a decision and write the story from there. My favorite sites are Archive Of Our Own,, and Wattpad. There are many more but I find them to hard to understand or navigate, so I stick to those three.

I started reading fanfiction in seventh grade when a friend introduced it to me. It was the beginning of seventh grade and I was glued to ,y phone the rest of the year and many to come. Before I was introduced to fanfiction, I hated reading books because they were unchangeable and if they had something I didn’t like in them I just gave up on the book. I like fanfiction because if you don’t like one person’s story there are many more others just like it to try.

I tend to stick to Archive Of Our Own the most because I like the way it is set up. It is very easy to navigate when Wattpad and are harder. Archive Of Our Own is set up by using tags for everything about the story. To find a story like it, you can click any of the tags and brouse for a different story. Wattpad is similarly set up but not many people tag their stories, so it’s harder to find stories similar or based on a different tag. FanFiction is very harder to navigate because they don’t stick to tags like the others. There stories are sectioned off by genre and the original name of the book or movie. To publish and write your own fanfiction, you need to be a member of a site.

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