College Visits 101

Did you know that you can schedule three College visits a year as excused absences? 

To be able to go on a visit, you will need to get a college visit form from the Dean’s Office. Once the form is completed you will need to contact the college and schedule a date to continue on the actual tour. To help locate these forms, you should ask either Ms.Garris or Mrs. Hyer, who are the Dean’s secretaries in the office. To get the form approved you will be required to have all your teachers sign it. When you come back to school after the visit you will be expected to have proof from the college visit so your absence will be considered excused. This is not something you have to do alone, if you would like to be accompanied by a friend, they will be required to follow the same steps you did, and get excused to go on the visit as well.

There are many benefits for visiting a college. Some of these benefits are: to get a hands on experience, talking to college students and finding out about their experiences, productive and educational campus tours while students are in classes, meeting possible future professors and classmates and locating the best eating options on that given campus.

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