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Legalizing Marijuana

With 29 states having legalized marijuana in some form it’s not surprising that Indiana is in the process of taking steps in Legalizing Medical Marijuana. Many different veteran organizations have pleaded with lawmakers to allow to help treat veterans with PTSD, chronic pain and traumatic brain injuries Senior Bryce Sherman said “I support it fully because PTSD is something we are still learning about and if we have something that can help with it then I think we should be able to use it.”According to Marijuana Policy Project Last year, Indiana established a program for patients suffering from treatment-resistant epilepsy. While it is a positive step forward for the state, it leaves most patients behind who could benefit from an effective medical marijuana program. People suffering from conditions like multiple sclerosis or undergoing chemotherapy. Currently, CBD oil with no THC is legal in Indiana. They are currently making steps towards legalizing CBD oil with THC although it is very unlikely that a bill will get passed this year but there is hope for the future.


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