Cheerleading Practices

“Go Bulldogs?” The North Cheer Squad is left without a place to practice most days, although they can use the gym when it is open, most times it isn’t and they are left to practice in the commons.

“Since my freshman year we don’t often have places to practice. Other sports have priority to gym and track space. our freshmen, JV, and varsity teams practice in the commons,”Sophomore Bree Gayman said. During their practices, they work on their stunts and cheers but they have no mats to lay down, so a stunt falls while they are practicing it they fall onto the hard tiled floor. The Cheerleaders also have to deal with low ceilings and little space all adding up to a very dangerous practice area. 

“When stunting and tossing our flyers in the air it’s really dangerous t have low ceilings. We don’t have a lot of space to work around each other,” Said Gayman.


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