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How early is too early?

The Christmas season is upon us, and with December 25th right around the corner, one question comes into play;

“When is it too early to start decorating for Christmas?”

Some people may start decorating before Thanksgiving,  others may wait until the week before Christmas. But when it comes down to it everyone decorates at a different time.

One major factor in when people decide to decorate is retail trends. Retailers may start putting up Christmas all the way from August in order to attract customers early, and beat out the competition. Another factor of when people decide to decorate is when they feel in the ‘Christmas Spirit’, something that can be affected by when food companies bring out their holiday items early. Starbucks released their 2017 Holiday Cups on November 1st, and the classic red color and decorative designs cause a sense of cheer as well as the feeling of Christmas for many people.

I personally think that decorating for Christmas should be held back until after Thanksgiving. I tend to go one Holiday at a time because skipping ahead completely overshadows the Thanksgiving holiday and its meaning. Black Friday is a means of kicking off the Christmas shopping season. Why can’t it also be the start of the holiday season as well?


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